The TO/LR Award is the highest Take-Off to Landing Ratio Award. One of a pilot’s biggest goals is to have the number of take-offs equal the number of landings. There is however that special breed of pilot that is an over achiever, an individual that refuses to let the plane go home in the same condition it left. This award recognizes the pilot that has best demonstrated this skill during the year and repeatedly validated the laws of gravity.



This year's "winner" is Chris Knott (below right). Chris will have the distinct pleasure of being able to name next year's winner. Congratulations Chris.   


Past Recipients

2017 - Robert Dicks
2016 - Steve Boulos
2015 - Bill Munroe
2014 - Jack Graham (yes, he gave it to himself)
2013 - Jack Graham
2012 - Steve Boulos
2011 - Dave Mercer
2010 - Don Wyatt
2009 - Jack Graham
2008 - Craig Trickett
2007 - Justyn Critch
2006 - Pete Rozee
2005 - Mike Middlekoop
2004 - no award
2003 - James Woolridge
2002 - Matthew Newhook
2001 - Craig Trickett