The Member of the Year award was created in memory of Jeff Molloy, a young member of the club whose life ended too soon. Jeff's enthusiasm for the hobby was strong and he was always fun to have around a meeting or the flying field, as you never knew what he would say or do next. To honour Jeff's memory, the club decided to create the memorial trophy and award it each year to the person who contributed most to the club and local modeling environment that year. It's not about who has the nicest plane or can fly the fastest or highest. It's about acknowledging personal commitment to improve the hobby for all of us in some way.



This year's Member of the Year is Craig Trickett. Craig was club president in 2018, a position he's held several times over the past twenty years and that placed him in the thick of most everything the club was involved with the past year. Craig stepped down as president at the end of 2018 due to work commitments and competing demands on his time. Congratulations Craig.   


Past Recipients

2017 - Robert Dicks
2016 - Paul Colbourne
2015 - Mel Crewe 
2014 - Steve Boulos
2013 - Jack Graham
2012 - Robert Dicks
2011 - Don Wyatt
2010 - John Shortall
2009 - Mel Crewe
2008 - Tony McAllister
2007 - Pete Rozee
2006 - Munden Critch
2005 - Steve Boulos
2004 - John Shortall
2003 - George Jarvis
2002 - Cle Newhook
2001 - Craig Trickett
2000 - Ray Schofield