Our club has been in existence since 1975 and for almost 40 years, we have migrated from one flying field to another only to lose each location within a few years.

In September of 2013, we were fortunate to acquire several hectares of Crown land on the Witless Bay Line in the club’s name. We are excited that we can now develop a permanent flying site without worrying about losing any investment made. Development includes the clearing, levelling and seeding of a flying field, aircraft setup area and parking lot.  The field was open for first flight on September 28, 2014. For directions, click here. 

In May 2015, The safety fencing and pilot stations were installed, the windsock mounted and the field opened for flying.  The grass was a little slow recovering after the winter but considering it was just seeded late last year it was actually not doing too bad. A bit of fertilizer, some overseeding and rain should help it along. Let's fly!

The official opening of the field and 40th anniversary celebration/funfly took place on Sunday, July 19. A special thank you to those that contributed to our fundraising efforts that made the field a reality:

Trevor Bradley, Madeline Coady, George Jarvis, Kilmainham, Jimmy Linegar, Marie's Mini Mart, Princess Auto, Lori Shortall, The Artist Workshop


Official Opening July 19, 2015


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Safety Fence Construction - May 2015  



Ready for First Flight - September 28, 2014



Final Grading and Seeding - July 14, 2014