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Meetings are finished until September. The next event is the June 11 funfly at the WBL field.




We try and meet from September to May on the second Wednesday of the month. Our current meeting location is Woodland Nurseries. Meetings are generally a mix of formal club business (approval of minutes, update on our finances, upcoming events, and an open agenda item for new business) and demonstrations or presentations. The demos and presentations are varied and range from videos from our past flying seasons or how-to demos on how to cover a wing, work with foam, build a battery pack, maintain a glow engine etc. Occasionally, we have a guest speaker come in to discuss some topic related to aviation. Visitors are always welcome so if you're thinking about getting into this hobby and would like to learn more about what it's all about, come join us at our next meeting.  



January 12

February - TBD

March 9: Zoom

April 20: In-person

May 11: In-person

September 14

October 12

November 9 (annual general meeting and election) 

December (Christmas dinner)


Fun Fly Days

Every day at the field is a fun day when there are planes in the air but several times during the year the club holds Fun Fly days that are open to non-members provided they have MAAC. The usual registration fee is $5.00, for which you get lunch and often times a chance at some prizes drawn at the field.

As the St. John's R/C Flyers is a MAAC chartered club, PROOF OF MAAC COVERAGE IS REQUIRED to operate at our field and events. Keep our flying sites clean! Take your garbage with you when you leave.



June 11: Witless Bay Line field - joint event with Club 4752

July 9: Harbour Grace field 

July 30: Millers Pond Float fly

August 13: Bell Island, Signal Hobbies Fun fly

September 10: Witless Bay Line field

October 15: Witless Bay Line, end of season fun fly.